Let’s Put a Price on It!

DC for Democracy members voted unanimously in June to join the Put a Price on It Coalition. As part of this diverse progressive coalition we will be fighting to make polluters pay and put money in the pockets of District residents. Check out our full statement below. Here are a few actions you can take this week to support the campaign and environmental justice:

DC4D Statement on Put a Price on It 
To protect our environment and our world, as well as support working families across the District, DC for Democracy encourages Mayor Bowser and the DC Council to support the Put a Price on It Campaign’s plan for a city-wide carbon fee. A carbon fee would gradually increase fees on all carbon dioxide emissions and then rebate the revenue in equal shares to every single resident of the nation’s capital. This will both increase the net incomes of lower-income and middle-income families while simultaneously decarbonizing our economy.

Considering DC’s nightmarish levels of economic inequality as well as federal inaction on the looming threat of climate change, it is imperative that DC embrace this opportunity to lead on climate and economic justice.

Nikko Bilitza
Coordinator, Environmental Justice Team