DC4D members at the 11th anniversary party
DC4D members at the 11th anniversary party

DC for Democracy formally participates in several city and region-wide campaigns. These campaigns allow members to advance a progressive vision of the District in real and practical terms. We work collaboratively with partner organizations and find opportunities for our volunteers to engage in a variety of actions, including setting campaign strategy, lobbying of public officials, engaging in public education and outreach, and attending community events. These campaigns are selected by our members through endorsement votes and votes on resolutions.

Our active campaigns are:

DC Fair Elections

Along with our partners in the DC Fair Elections Coalition, DC for Democracy advocates for a small donor empowerment program that would rebalance the scales of power in District elections. The opt-in program would provide candidates who only accept small donations with publicly finaced matching funds to bolster grassroots candidates and help get big money out of local politics. Learn more at

Paid Family Leave

Along with our partners in the DC Paid Family Campaign, DC for Democracy supported the effort to pass legislation creating a social insurance model for District workers who need time off after having a child, to take care of a sick family member, or to take care of themselves. Now, the campaign is working to protect that historic victory, fighting to fully fund program start-up costs, and to implement the program as originally passed despite heavy pressure from business interests to water down the legislation. Learn more at

DC Budget

It is often said that budgets are moral documents. Each year, the Mayor’s office and the Council conduct a months-long process of public input and negotiation behind closed doors before passing the District’s budget, putting numbers and figures to the government’s priorities.  While the DC budget has ballooned to nearly $14 billion during the past decade marked by skyrocketing income inequality and spreading gentrification, the newfound resources have not been distributed in any way that can be defined as moral. DC for Democracy works with our partners to advocate for the city’s vulnerable communities in the fight for budget resources and to hold government accountable so that our budget reflects our morals by putting its promises to those communities above those to the rich.


DC4D is an active member of the DC Statehood Coalition and works to make DC the 51st state by engaging in lobbying members of Congress, attending statehood events and educating the public in DC and the 50 states.

Put a Price On It, D.C.

DC4D endorsed the Put a Price on It, D.C. campaign at our June 2017 meetup. As part of a coalition comprised of environmental and justice advocacy organizations, faith groups, unions, consumer advocacy organizations, D.C. businesses, and more, we are actively fighting to put an fee on companies that buy and sell polluting fossil fuels in the District that funds a progressive rebate for Washingtonians. You can read more about the policy and the campaign at


DC4D endorsed the #DCReinvest campaign at our June 2017 meetup. The #DCReinvest coalition envisions a Washington, DC, that invests in our city’s future, not in oppressive systems that perpetuate racism, colonialism, and disenfranchisement in our communities. In solidarity with Standing Rock, we demand D.C. divest from Wells Fargo and other investors in the Dakota Access Pipeline, and instead reinvest in education, healthcare, clean energy, and empowerment of this city’s communities. You can read more about the campaign’s goals at

2017 Virginia Elections

During the July 2017 meetup, DC4D members voted unanimously to endorse a slate of candidates for Virginia’s 2017 statewide and House of Delegate elections. The slate was selected to reflect mostly districts within close proximity to Washington, DC that have the highest possibility of flipping from GOP to Democrat this fall. The full slate of candidates supported by DC4D can be found below:

Statewide offices
Ralph Northam (D) for Governor
Justin Fairfax (D) for Lieutenant Governor
Mark Herring (D) for Attorney General (Incumbent)

Candidates for House of Delegates (in order of District)
Jennifer Carroll Foy (D), 2nd District
Wendy Gooditis (D), 10th District
Danica Roem (D), 13th District
Elizabeth Guzman (D), 31st District
David Reid (D), 32nd District
Donte Tanner (D), 40th District
Kathy Tran (D), 42nd District
Lee Carter (D), 50th District
Hala Ayala (D), 51st District
Karrie Delaney (D), 67th District
Jennifer Boysko (D), 86th District