July Meetup Preview

Please join us for the July Meetup: Endorsement Vote for Virginia State Elections

When: Wednesday, July 12, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm. Please arrive early to have some food & drink (we will have veggie sandwiches, chips and water).
Where: Dorothy I Height / Benning Library (3935 Benning Rd. NE). Close to Minnesota Avenue metro, orange line.
RSVP: Facebook or here
You may vote in the endorsement if you joined DC4D by June 12, 2017.

Endorsement Vote for Virginia State Elections
Virginia is one of just two states in the nation holding statewide elections this November. We are holding this endorsement vote because we are good neighbors! Although Virginia voters have chosen two Democratic Senators and have preferred Democratic Presidential candidates in the last 3 elections, Republican control of the state legislature has resulted in thoroughly gerrymandered borders, including those of Congressional districts.

Our endorsement vote tomorrow builds on our past work in Virginia, which includes the successful election of State Senator Jennifer Wexton, as well as Delegates Jennifer Boysko, Mark Keam, and John Bell. We hope to endorse more winning candidates tomorrow.

We will be voting on a slate of candidates, all Democrats, in the Virginia State Elections, including TEN House of Delegates candidates who are running against Republican incumbents or in open seats currently held by Republicans. The slate consists of the following candidates:

Statewide offices
Ralph Northam (D) for Governor
Justin Fairfax (D) for Lieutenant Governor
Mark Herring (D) for Attorney General (Incumbent)

Candidates for House of Delegates (in order of District)
Jennifer Carroll Foy (D), 2nd District
Wendy Gooditis (D), 10th District
Danica Roem (D), 13th District
Elizabeth Guzman (D), 31st District
David Reid (D), 32nd District
Donte Tanner (D), 40th District
Kathy Tran (D), 42nd District
Lee Carter (D), 50th District
Hala Ayala (D), 51st District
Karrie Delaney (D), 67th District
Jennifer Boysko (D), 86th District

We have deliberately chosen a large number of candidates who are all running in Northern Virginia, so as to give ourselves maximum flexibility. In past years, DC4D has been relatively alone in campaigning across the river — not so this year! We will collaborate with other “Resistance” organizations working in Virginia and will go where we are needed most.

DC4D has a reputation for actively campaigning for our endorsed candidates. Tomorrow’s endorsement vote is the first step to mobilize our volunteers, so we can roll up our sleeves and help Virginia voters elect officials who will better represent their values and priorities.

See you tomorrow!