More details on our February 13 Endorsement Votes

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Here are more details on the very important endorsement vote on Tuesday, February 13th.

We are voting on all races in the June 19th DC Democratic primary: At-Large Council, Ward 1,3,5 & 6 Council, Council Chair, Attorney General, Mayor, Delegate, Shadow Senator, Shadow Representative, DC Democratic State Committee slate of candidates, and possibly a ballot initiative on the One Fair Wage. We will also hold a special up-or-down vote on Elissa Silverman’s re-election for At-Large Council in the general election in November.

Following is a list of candidates and their websites provided by Political Director, Keith Ivey.

At-Large Council

Note: we have almost finalized plans for a forum with the above candidates on Tuesday, February 6th 6-9pm. Look out for an invitation very soon.

Ward 1 Council

Ward 3 Council

Ward 5 Council

Ward 6 Council

Council Chair

  • Phil Mendelson (incumbent)

Attorney General

  • Karl Racine (incumbent)



  • Eleanor Holmes Norton (incumbent)

US Senator (Shadow)

  • Michael D. Brown (incumbent)

US Representative (Shadow)

  • Franklin Garcia (incumbent)

DC Democratic State Committee (the official Democratic party organization in DC)

  • A slate of candidates to challenge the current DCDSC is in the process of being formed. More information will be provided before the endorsement vote regarding specific candidates and platform. DC4D has engaged in efforts to reform the DCDSC since 2004.

One Fair Wage Ballot Initiative

  • One Fair Wage is the campaign to expand the minimum wage to tipped workers, who are currently paid $3.33. DC4D endorsed the 2015 ballot initiative that sought to gradually increase the regular minimum wage to $15 and gradually close the gap between the “tipped” wage and minimum wage to achieve One Fair Wage. The legislation passed by the DC Council in 2016 raised the regular minimum wage to $15, but capped the tipped wage at $5. This ballot initiative, which is promoted by the Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC-DC), seeks to gradually raised the tipped wage to achieve One Fair Wage. The initiative is experiencing procedural delays in the DC Board of Elections, but there is a chance it will be on the June 19th ballot.

Special vote on Elissa Silverman for re-election as At-Large Councilmember. Please refer to the email of January 16th for an explanation of this special vote.

Stay tuned for more information on the candidates, including incumbent voting records, campaign finance analysis, media reports, candidate forums, etc.