DC for Democracy wants a world where every person has a voice and plays an active part in making our community more inclusive, democratic, and just. We organize, educate, advocate, and campaign so that ordinary people are empowered to take meaningful action to build that world.


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Recent Updates

DC4D Chair Kesh Ladduwhetty testifies at DC Council in support of the Fair Elections Act on June 29
Testimony by Kesh Ladduwahetty on Behalf of DC for Democracy Regarding B22-0192: The Fair Elections Act of 2017
Chairman Allen, other Councilmembers, my name is Kesh Ladduwahetty and I am honored to testify in support of the Fair
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Communications Chair Zach Schalk Testifies in favor of Fair Elections Act at DC Council Hearing on June 29
Testimony by Zach Schalk on behalf of DC for Democracy before the Committee on the Judiciary & Public Safety Regarding
Councilmember Allen and other committee members, thank you for the opportunity to testify today. My name is Zach Schalk, and
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DC4D June Meetup
June Meetup Recap
Thank you to everyone who joined us on June 14 for our monthly meetup, and thank you to The Big
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An Open Letter to the DC Council
Dear Chairman Mendelson and Councilmembers Allen, Bonds, Cheh, Evans, Gray, Grosso, McDuffie, Nadeau, Silverman, Todd, R. White, and T. White,
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The Most Important Legislation of the Year
On Tuesday, May 30, the DC Council will hold its first vote on the Fiscal Year 2018 Budget, the single
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