DC for Democracy is a leading unaligned progressive group of activists, community leaders and everyday voters in the District of Columbia working for positive change in our local government and statehood for the residents of Washington, DC. We are the Washington, D.C. local group of Democracy for America (DFA).

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As we continue to enjoy the holiday season by celebrating with our families, the DC Council has an opportunity to celebrate family values by voting for a strong Universal Paid Leave Act next Tuesday. We commend At-Large Councilmembers David Grosso and Elissa Silverman for championing this major progressive reform that makes a real difference in the lives of working families.

Here is a message from DC4D member and DC Paid Family Leave coalition volunteer, Linda Benesch:

“The Universal Paid Leave Act is finally coming to a vote on Tuesday, December 6! Chairman Mendelson released details of the most recent version of the bill yesterday and it is good in many respects, but it cuts out people’s right to take time off for their own illnesses - see the statement from the Paid Family Leave campaign. We need to fight to get self-care back into the bill and make sure that it isn’t weakened further.

If you work regular hours, the most valuable thing you can do is to email or call your ward Councilmember and one or two At-Large Councilmembers.

If you have a flexible schedule, the most valuable thing you can do is to be in the Council Chamber on Tuesday, December 6th at 9:30am.

Thanks to active citizens like Linda and all of our members, we can help pass a strong Paid Family Leave act!


DC for Democracy has endorsed the following candidates for the November 8 General Election:

Robert White (D) for At-Large Council
Vincent Gray (D) for Ward 7 Council
Trayon White (D) for Ward 8 Council
Franklin Garcia (D) for US (Shadow) Representative

Detailed vote results from the October Endorsement Meeting are as follows (note we require 2/3 vote for endorsement):
Note: Trayon White and Franklin Garcia were endorsed in the June primary, and those endorsements hold as they are unchallenged.

Ward 2 Council: No Endorsement.
20.5% Evans — 7.7% Write-in — 71.8% No Endorsement

Ward 4 Council: No Endorsement.
15.1% Todd — 2.6% Write-in — 82.1% No Endorsement

Ward 7 Council: Vincent Gray endorsed.
0% Butler — 2.6% Carter — 71.1% Gray — 26.3% No Endorsement

At-Large Council: Robert White endorsed.
Note: each member was allowed to cast TWO votes in this race.
20.9% Aikin — 2.3% Celnik — 2.3% Cheeks — 62.8% Grosso — 0% Klokel
93% White — 4.7% No Endorsement

US Delegate: No Endorsement
4.6% Moulton — 56.8% Norton — 29.6% Stracuzzi — 9.1% No Endorsement.
Note: Norton got 59.2% when 2nd choice votes were counted.

Advisory Referendum on Statehood: No Endorsement.
34.1% For — 17.1% Against — 48.8% No Endorsement. Note: this vote was held before the Council amended the constitution to require a constitutional convention two years after admission.

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