DC for Democracy is a leading unaligned progressive group of activists, community leaders and everyday voters in the District of Columbia working for positive change in our local government and statehood for the residents of Washington, DC. We are the Washington, D.C. local group of Democracy for America (DFA).

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In lieu of our July meetup, we are participating in a special Rally to Inject the Public’s Voice and Transparency into the D.C. Government on Monday, July 11th 6-7pm at Freedom Plaza. RSVP on Facebook or to dcfordemocracy@gmail.com.

Mayor Bowser has caused quite a stir with her new statehood initiative, and it has taken a while for us to respond. In a nutshell, the Mayor proposes to draft a new constitution and put before voters this November a referendum that will include a vote on statehood and a vote on the new constitution. The stated purpose of this initiative is to present a demand for statehood to the 115th Congress that assembles next January.

The Mayor is proposing the initiative in her capacity as co-chair of the 51st State Commission, which consists of the Mayor, Council Chairman Mendelson (the other co-chair), and the three members of the Statehood Delegation: Shadow Senators Strauss and Brown, and Shadow Representative Garcia. The Commission has developed a draft constitution and has proposed a process that culminates in the November referendum. The draft constitution, which was written by a select team of legal advisors, is largely modeled on the current Home Rule Charter.

The Steering Committee developed a statement regarding the Statehood Initiative which has received very well by our members.
Read DC4D’s Statement on Statehood Initiative

The 51st State Commission’s process for implementing the initiative is described here.
The draft constitution can be viewed here.

We also urge you to give your feedback directly to the 51st State Commission both at public meetings and online.

Washington City Paper’s Loose Lips took notice of our endorsements in the D.C. Democratic Primary: “In a potential sign of left-wing discontent with Muriel Bowser, progressive group D.C. for Democracy endorsed four challengers to Bowser-affiliated D.C. Council candidates last week.” While DC4D has been mentioned a number of times in the press, I believe this is the first time we have been the subject of the piece. Too bad LL didn’t see fit to mention any of the issues on which we based our endorsements.

We have an excellent chance of electing our endorsed candidates– but only if you volunteer at this critical time. Please be sure to respond to our campaign survey.

Yesterday, we wrapped up our Maryland Primary campaign, which was both sweet and bitter. We shared in the joy of electing Jamie Raskin the next Congressman from the 8th district, and we shared the sadness of defeat in the races to elect Donna Edwards and Joseline Pena-Melnyk. We congratulate all our endorsed candidates for engaging in the incredibly difficult work of running for office.

I am so proud of DC for Democracy for being a visible part of these campaigns, all of which were groundbreaking and expanded the progressive movement in Maryland. DC4D recruited at least 26 volunteers who knocked on doors or made phone calls for our candidates, proving we don’t just “tweet the tweet,” we walk the walk.

Special recognition goes to Jonathan Silverman, our Membership Chair, who served as our de facto Maryland Field Director. Jonathan put in more time than anybody else into these campaigns, played an instrumental role in organizing volunteers to campaign in Virginia, and was by and large, DC4D’s face in Maryland. Jerry Clark would be so proud of Jonathan!

I am thrilled that we helped elect Jamie Raskin to the US Congress. On multiple occasions, Jamie recognized the contribution DC4D made to his campaign. In Jamie we have an exceptional progressive who is principled and passionate, yet works with people of different beliefs to get things done. He will be a major force in getting money out of politics and pushing for public financing of campaigns at the national level.

Jamie made this commitment in writing: “If I am elected to Congress from the 8th Congressional District in Maryland, I will go to the U.S. House as a passionate champion for complete political democracy, equal rights and statehood for the people of Washington, D.C.”

Jamie, we’ll be counting on you!

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