DC for Democracy is a leading unaligned progressive group of activists, community leaders and everyday voters in the District of Columbia working for positive change in our local government and statehood for the residents of Washington, DC. We are the Washington, D.C. local group of Democracy for America (DFA).

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In preparation for our endorsement vote in the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair race, DC4D’s Political Committee has prepared a briefing about the 7 major candidates.
Many thanks to Nikko Billitza, Zach Israel, Keith Ivey, Jim McBride, Kevin Quilty, and Dex Williams for doing the research.
Click here to view the Candidate briefing
We will have printouts of a condensed version of this briefing at the Endorsement Meeting on Wednesday, February 8th 6:30pm at the African American Civil War Museum.

On January 11, about 80 people attended a very successful January Kick-off with Councilmembers at Busboys & Poets in Brookland. We were inspired and invigorated by the remarks of Councilmembers Elissa Silverman, Robert White and Trayon White. We heard great ideas about their plans for this year on topics ranging from jobs and public housing to campaign finance reform and returning citizens. We hope to work closely with all of them this year.

At the February 8th Meeting, we will hold an endorsement vote for the Chair of the Democratic National Committee, an important position that will greatly affect the future direction of the party. There are seven candidates running:

Keith Ellison - Congressman from Minnesota’s 5th District
Jamie Harrison - Chairman, South Carolina Democratic Party
Pete Buttigieg - Mayor of South Bend, IN
Sally Boynton Brown - Executive Director of the Idaho Democratic Party
Jehmu Greene - Media analyst/strategist
Ray Buckley - Chairman, New Hampshire Democratic Party
Tom Perez - Labor Secretary under President Obama

Democracy in Color’s candidate forum is a good opportunity to get to know the candidates. Watch the video here.

On Tuesday December 20, the DC Council gave us another reason to celebrate this holiday season, voting 9-4 in favor of Paid Family Leave. Led by At-large Councilmembers Silverman and Grosso, as well as Chairman Mendelson, and joined by Councilmembers Allen, Bonds, Cheh, McDuffie, Nadeau, and Robert White, the final bill passed 9 to 4, with Councilmembers Alexander, Evans, May and Todd voting No.

The “employer mandate” amendment introduced by Councilmember Evans, which would have crippled the bill and eliminated its essential character as a social insurance program, was voted down 8-5 (the same line up as above, except for Councilmember Cheh, who voted in favor of this harmful amendment). While Mayor Bowser has said she will not sign the bill, it appears that she will not veto it, given the veto-proof vote. Read more here…

What a tremendous victory for DC workers, who will enjoy 8 weeks of paid leave for a baby, 6 weeks for a family member, and 2 weeks for personal sick leave! How heartening it is to know that a handful of large businesses, while exercising undue influence in our government, nevertheless do not enjoy a complete stranglehold when ordinary citizens are active and mobilized.

DC4D was proud to be a member of the DC Paid Family Leave Coalition, which led this campaign. We owe a particular debt of gratitude to Jews United for Justice (JUFJ), one of our consistent progressive allies, in leading this effort.

If you were one of the many DC4D members who phoned, emailed, tweeted, lobbied or were present in the Council chamber for the vote, you deserve the thanks of every DC resident. You showed that it is not sufficient to vote in elections; we must actively support good policies (and oppose bad ones). It also showed that electoral campaigns are crucial to enlightened policies. We are proud of our role in helping elect Councilmember Silverman, who was instrumental in passing this legislation, and in Councilmember Robert White’s upset victory this year.

So as you celebrate this holiday season, drink a toast to our win on Paid Family Leave!

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